The Style Line


Rachel founded The Style Line in 2011. It began as an industry-leading fashion Tumblr (eventually garnering a following of approximately 500k). At just nineteen years old, Rachel was selected by Tumblr to participate in their seasonal fashion week creator program, where she worked with brands like SONY and CFDA. The Style Line later developed into a boutique content company in 2013. Rachel ran The Style Line's publishing and agency arms, produced over a dozen internal and client events across the United States, conceived several editorial packages, and profiled hundreds of tastemakers across various disciplines.

Create & Cultivate
Melissa Joy Manning
West Elm

Best in Fashion Finalist, Shorty Awards (2015)


The Style Line received its name while Rachel was in transit via one of New York City's subway lines. Similar to the movement of a train, The Style Line traveled through communities around the world while stopping to share the stories and styles of individuals at different destinations. The brand's core content pillars were developed with this mission in mind. All of The Style Line's stories were original and exclusive to the site. Rachel wrote nearly all of the content, edited contributor work, and produced all photo/visual assets.

Interviewees included Puno of ilovecreatives, Elyse Fox of Sad Girls Club, Jaclyn Johnson of Create & Cultivate, Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest, Courtney Lavine of American Ballet Theatre, Ruthie Lindsey, Doan Ly, Fran Miller of F.MILLER, Lotta Nieminen Lisa Salzer-Wiles of Lulu Frost, Jaime Schmidt of Schmidt's Naturals, Jenna Wilson of Ace & Jig, and many more.

Studio Visit
Discover the creative spaces of the world's most prominent makers.
A Girl Abroad
Celebrate culture and new beginnings through the lens of contributors who share their experiences abroad.
Home Visit
Glimpse into the off-duty lives of some of your favorite style mavens.
Neighborhood Story
Explore the world's most creative cities with local tastemakers who inhabit them.
En Route
Fall in love with inspiring small shops, restaurants, and businesses around the world.
NYFW Virtual Sketchbook
Flip through our seasonal guest illustrator's work as we showcase the root of where fashion (week) begins: at the sketch.


From the beginning, Rachel set out to cultivate a global roster of interviewees and contributors. She believed in fostering The Style Line's community offline just as much as online. By 2019, she produced several internal and client events across the United States.

Devialet (New York, New York)
Maman (New York, New York)
Mara Hoffman (New York, New York)
Petite Studio (New York, New York)
The Elk (New York, New York)
The Sill (New York, New York)
Universal Standard (New York, New York)
Byron & Blue (Austin, Texas) (Los Angeles, California)
Johan (Portland, Oregon)
Legion (San Francisco, California)


The Style Line participated in special projects with like-minded partners. Enter Melissa Joy Manning. The Echo Collection was a limited edition, co-branded jewelry box collection designed by Melissa Joy Manning and The Style Line. The project aimed to "echo" change and inspire conscious consumption. Melissa and Rachel decided that jewelry boxes were the perfect vessel to represent that longevity (they protect the things that matter most).