Melissa Joy Manning


Melissa Joy Manning is a celebrated ethical jewelry designer known for “one-of-a-kind pieces, signature designs, and custom, non-traditional wedding jewelry.” Rachel worked with Melissa to launch a co-branded product collection with The Style Line.

Content Production
Event Production 
Product Naming/Development


The Style Line was a boutique content company that championed storytelling with style. It began as an industry-leading fashion Tumblr, eventually garnering a following of 500k. At just nineteen years old, founder Rachel Schwartzmann was selected by Tumblr to participate in their seasonal fashion week creator program, where she worked with brands like SONY and CFDA. The Style Line officially launched in 2013.

The Style Line received its name while Rachel was in transit via one of New York City’s subway lines. Similar to the movement of a train, The Style Line traveled through communities worldwide, stopping to share the stories and styles of individuals at different destinations. The brand’s core content pillars were developed with this idea in mind. For nearly seven years, Rachel ran The Style Line's publishing and agency arms, produced over a dozen internal and client events across the United States, conceived several editorial packages, and profiled hundreds of tastemakers across various disciplines.

From the beginning, Rachel believed in fostering The Style Line's community offline just as much as online. Accordingly, The Style Line participated in special projects with like-minded partners. Enter Melissa Joy Manning, an acclaimed jewelry designer known for her enduring commitment to sustainability.


The Echo Collection was a limited edition, co-branded jewelry box collection designed by Melissa Joy Manning and The Style Line. The project debuted in November 2014 in partnership with CFDA, which received 10% of sale proceeds to benefit their Sustainability Fund.

Melissa and Rachel's shared goal was to "echo" change and inspire conscious consumption. After establishing the name and narrative, the duo decided that jewelry boxes were the perfect vessel to represent care and longevity. (After all, jewelry boxes protect the things that matter to us most.) Rachel named the product and worked with two visual contributors from The Style Line to create the collection's logo and photography. Ahead of the launch, Melissa and Rachel co-hosted an editor preview breakfast featuring treats from event sponsors and live portrait drawing sessions by a local fashion illustrator.

Echo returned with a second run in June 2015. The collection featured light design updates and benefited a new partner, Clean Water Fund. Melissa and Rachel tapped five influential women in their communities as co-hosts for the launch event. Half the collection sold that night.