Adobe is a globally recognized digital solutions company. Adobe and Laundry Service hired Rachel as the sole editorial creative on the CoCreate: Max team.

Content Writing


Adobe’s suite of products—from Photoshop to Acrobat—aid individuals and brands in their creative endeavors. Products aside, Adobe is also known for championing the global creative community. Enter Adobe Max, their creativity conference. With their enduring commitment to providing “creativity for all,” Adobe brought Adobe Max online and made it free of charge. Given the tumultuous events of 2020, the company took this idea one step further—they provided paid opportunities for creatives to make artwork/content to promote the conference and sessions. Enter the Co:Create MAX initiative, which was developed between Laundry Service and Adobe.


Rachel was hired as the sole editorial creative. She interviewed all team members, wrote their bios, and penned an exclusive letter for the event recap page. Additional samples are available upon request.

Selected Team Bios
Rachel’s Creativity Letter