Rachel Schwartzmann is a writer and consultant based in New York City. She’s widely known as the founder of The Style Line—a boutique content company that currently operates an independent consultancy called CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL and a podcast/platform called Slow Stories

Rachel has been featured on esteemed platforms, including Forbes.com and Refinery29. She has also partnered with WWDMAGIC in conjunction with Teen Vogue as a digital media influencer speaking to brands about the importance of online presence and content marketing. She was chosen as one of Tumblr's participating creators in their seasonal fashion week program and partnered with companies including SONY, MILK Studios, and CFDA. She has also partnered on social media campaigns with Crate and Barrel, Brooklinen, The Sill, Kotn, and more. Rachel has spoken at Create & Cultivate and is a member of Rebecca Minkoff's acclaimed Female Founder Collective.

Rachel has interviewed hundreds of creative professionals and business leaders for brand platforms and media outlets alike. She also writes about books, creativity, design, and style.

Please contact Rachel directly for more work samples and information.

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  1. Brand Consulting
  2. Content Creation
  3. Copywriting
  4. Creative Content Direction
  5. Creative Strategy
  6. Editorial Content Direction
  7. Partnerships
  8. Special Projects


Fall 2021

︎ DORÉ: Notes From 11th Street, October 2021 ︎︎︎

An essay about slowing down and staying put in New York City.

︎ Slow Stories: Matthew Herman, Co-Founder of Boy Smells, September 2021 ︎︎︎

An interview with the entrepreneur about scent and creativity, building a genderful brand, and living a life of abundance.

︎ PLANOLY: PLANOLY Presents: Pinspirational Holidays, September-October 2021 ︎︎︎

Consulting, program curation and development, copywriting, and more for PLANOLY’s beloved digital event series.



  1. A Quiet Habit of Connection: Reflections on Seek You by Kristen Radtke (2021)
  2. Meredith Westgate, Author of The Shimmering State (2021)
  3. Old Desires, Renewed Habits: Reflections on Objects of Desire by Clare Sestanovich (2021)
  4. Amanda Montell, Author of Cultish (2021)
  5. Larissa Pham, Author of Pop Song (2021)
  6. Melissa Febos and Forsyth Harmon, Author and Illustrator of Girlhood (2021)
  7. Nourishing a Habit of Love: Reflections on The Book of Difficult Fruit by Kate Lebo (2021)
  8. Rainesford Stauffer, Author of An Ordinary Age (2021)
  9. Jen Batchelor, Co-Founder of Kin (2021)
  10. Lesley Thornton, Founder of Klur (2021)
  11. Deja Foxx, Activist (2021)
  12. Zak Williams, Co-Founder of PYM (2021)
  13. Becky Cooper, Author of We Keep the Dead Close (2021)
  14. Nicole Caputo, Creative Director of Catapult (2020)
  15. I’m Not a Success Story—I’m a Slow Story (2020)
  16. Makenna Goodman, Author of The Shame (2020)
  17. Evan Lian, Cartoonist (2020)
  18. Jordan Taylor, Co-Founder of Medley (2020)
  19. Jenn Tardif, Founder of 3rd Ritual (2020)
  20. Sophia Amoruso, Founder of Business Class (2020)
  21. The Isolation Journals: “Be Slow” Prompt (2020)
  22. Suleika Jaouad, Writer and Creator of The Isolation Journals (2020)
  23. Stephanie Danler, Author of Stray and Sweetbitter (2020)
  24. The New Ritual of Dinner (2020)
  25. Emily Katz, Founder of Modern Macramé (2020)
  26. Kelsea Olivia, Founder of East Olivia (2019)
  27. Tze Chun, Founder of Uprise Art (2019)
  28. Lisa Taddeo, Author of Three Women (2019)

Email: rschwartzmann@thestyleline [dot] com 

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