ADAY is a sustainable fashion brand known for its versatility and durability. The co-founders hired Rachel to produce the New York launch event for their Plant Bae collection.

Creative Consulting
Content Production
Event Production

Plant (Bae) Party

Each top in this innovative collection was made from a blend of beech tree fibers with a very special ingredient: seaweed. With that in mind, Rachel worked with the ADAY team at a high level to craft a multisensory experience around this exciting product narrative—the goal was to have attendees explore seaweed via the five senses.

To build on ADAY's seaweed-tasting salon partnership with Chef Matthew Sherman, Rachel rounded out the event by commissioning an exclusive art installation and conceptualizing a live dance performance (the dancers wore pieces from the collection). She secured leading event partners—including The Sill and Hudson Wilder—to help bring the space to life. Rachel also conceptualized recap social content that included soundbites from the partners (and mirrored the themes explored during the event) for those in the greater ADAY community to try at home.